•  By designer label STEPHAN CARAS

•  Double Side Case Holster

•  Black Faux Leather

•  Double Stitch Finish

•  Side Outer Pocket

•  Zip Side Pocket

•  Swivel Snap Hook

•  Adjustable Shoulder Straps

CARAS Side Case Holster

C$499.00 Regular Price
C$459.00Sale Price

A stylish solution to carrying your personals without weighing down or bulking up your ensemble. This exclusive double side case holster by designer label, STEPHAN CARAS, has been engineered to strap over the shoulders and be concealed under a blazer or coat. It features adjustable shoulder straps, one side pocket to carry phones, flasks, etc., one zip side pocket and a swivel snap hook for keys, pocket watches, or chains. The zipper and teeth are coated with a superior polished nickel finish and accurate teeth engineering for increased quality, appearance, and durability. Each piece is created by hand featuring a double stitch for a tailored finish. The holster is fitted with solid brass buckles, sliders, and branded rivets in a fine polished nickel finish. An edgy, elegant, and stylish piece to be worn as an accessory over a shirt or concealed under a jacket or coat.